Diary of an Expat, Part 93
Es wird beendet.
Two years ago, plus or minus a few days, I landed in Berlin on a new adventure. Since then I've seen coworkers come and go, made some friends, moved into an apartment, gained a small appreciation of German...

When I first started this project, it was my desire to record my thoughts on what it meant to be an expatriate living abroad. As it happens, now, I no longer really think of myself that way. In general these days I think of myself as German — albeit, a non-citizen who doesn't speak the language very well.

I haven't felt homesick in a very, very long time. I suspect I would feel this way anywhere; to be honest, I suspect it's merely a part of who I am. But it's meant that I've had less and less to say here, and so I think it's time I brought this to a close.

As always, I can be reached as @detxl on Twitter, where I publish thoughts, some of which are German in character. And I think I will return to this, now and again, as things strike my fancy. But for the most part, I just don't have anything to say anymore about being an American living in Germany. It just is. That's all.

Too, I am starting to fall into traps I wanted to avoid. It's too easy to just compare the two countries, and too easy to just bitch about the United States. You guys have been making it easy, of late. But I don't hate America — I'm just not thinking of it as home right now.

I know that some people have found this useful; I've received a few E-mails about it. So I would leave you with a few notes.

If you are ever given a similar opportunity, take it. Full stop. It's amazing.
Don't worry about the language barrier, most people are decent and gestures go a long way
Americans aren't as hated as you think ;)
No, seriously. Do it.

That's the one thing I've taken away from this grand experiment. I landed full of trepidation, on a drizzling day in an unfamiliar city. I now think of that city as home, and there's no place in the world I'd rather be.

Thank you all for listening; you've been great.

Bis bald,
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